Yeah, Life Sucks,
I Am Smiling Outside,
Yet, I Am Burning Inside,
I Am Crying And Bleeding Inside,
I Feel Lifeless Inside.
I Am Okay,
That Is What I Say,
Deep Down, I Am Not Okay.

From Start, Nobody Showed Up,
To Witness The Thick Drops Of Tears,
Rolling Down My Cheeks,
But Yes, The Bright Shining Moon And Stars Did.
My Echoes Cried With Me,
The Void Listened Calmly To Me,
And Pillow Offered It's Softness,
For Me To Rest My Head.

Day In Day Out,
I Can't Come Out,
Because I Have To Hide My Pain,
I Mean Episodes Of Pain,
Pain That Pours Like Rain.
I Should Hide It Before I Get Mocked,
By People Who Rock This Life,
Life Is Soft With Them.

I Am So Lost,
Just Trying To Find My Way,
My Way To Happiness,
But, Everything Is Still A Mess.
People Say Reflect On Good Days, You'll Be Happy!
Yeah I admit, I Have Seen Good Days!
But, It's Like Ice Cream On A Pile Of Shit,
You Can't Lick It, Because You'll Still Smell The Shit.

© Michael Dylan