How could I say it's tragic when I liked it?
It only take a little touches to force it,
I hate it but you knew I can't resist it,
Your gestures was enough to reignite it.

I'll do it again even if it takes a lot of pain,
Neither a saint for normalizing a sin,
Leave me in dirt embracing the vain,
You'd really fucked up my naive brain.

Unholy it is but it surely feels like heaven,
Washed up myself in the pouring rain,
Regretting the past and washing the stain,
Just to commit the same mistakes again.

I hate it when you crawl on my skin,
But I always wanted it to happen again.
I can't get enough of the satisfaction,
And it became my strange addiction.

Torturing my soul for it was rotted in hell,
Accepting my fate since the start of tale.
But what should I do with your gravity?
I might fall harder if you're far from me.

When did the wrong becomes right?
It was wrong but braided with delight.
Your wrong deeds brought satisfaction,
An incident turned into my addiction.

© Midnight Rain