Day and night
Laying down on my bed
With yellow light
Thoughts racing in my head

Everyday I think about you
How your life is going with someone new
Although our connection ended abruptly
I still get this feeling of seeing you one day

I can hear your voice in my head
Your infectious laugh
The other half of my heart is dead
I sit and reminiscence to inflate my depleted heart

Your eyes that I still admire
I'm certain your man is one lucky guy
You have the brain everyone desires
A touch that sends my cheeks on fire

It's been a while
I may be not in your head anymore
I still picture you walking down the aisle
While I await for you at the altar

I try to bury them to kill the hope I'm feeling
I'm stuck with this sadness I'm dealing
Even though I yearn to talk to you again
I wouldn’t be able say anything but stare at you after this time we’re missing.