Right or Wrong
A person's attitude towards you,
Reflects the lens through which they view,
Their perceptions, right or wrong,
Shape where in their life you may belong.

If they see strength, they'll show respect,
Their fragile side, they might protect,
Cause perception colors our every act,
A mirrored world of thought and fact.

If they see kindness, warmth, and grace,
Their attitude will reflect that place.
But if their gaze is cold and stark,
Their actions follow, leaving a mark.

So mind the views that others hold,
For through their eyes, their hearts unfold.
Although what they see is not the whole,
But just a part, a glimpse, a role.

And in knowing this, we must find grace,
To navigate each complex space,
With empathy and open hearts,
Some understanding is where change starts.

Because a person's attitude, is clear and true,
And will reflect their vision, their view of you.
In their eyes, whatever lens they choose,
Will shape the reasons you win or lose!!


© Nicole 🍒 JoMoRo