It’s Twisted Teatime with Willie Wonka and Alice who are partners in rhyme.
They gently shake hands
As their worlds surprisingly collide.
Willie Wonka’s shiny glass lift
falling into a long and twisting dark rabbit hole.
Alice invited Willie Wonka for afternoon tea.
She said its always time for tea,
the teapot is always brimming full.
We are always feeling halfway full.
White Rabbit is always late.
Willie Wonka said let’s have some yummy sweets with our delicious tea.
Chew and chewing their luscious bubblegum,
their pink bubbles grew and grew,
they started to fly
out that twisting dark rabbit hole.
Willie Wonka said I know where we should go,
floating above his big sweet factory.
Alice caught a gigantic golden ticket.
Admission is free.
Amazing things
Alice will see.
Chocolate rivers and Popsicle trees,
Many wonders of multiple colors, striped and spotted candy,
sherbet Fountains,
toffee volcanoes erupting.
Licking their lips
as the bubblegum bubble finally bursts,
falling through the chocolate button roof,
Willie Wonka breaks his sweet tooth.
He fixed it with quick fixing bubblegum,
The factory Lego bricks shook,
Reality had definitely struck.
Fantasy world blew straight up
bouncing coffee cupcakes and pear drops.
Alice and Willie were in the miniature dolls house library
gently shaking hands,
as their own books they exchanged.
Both had had an adventurous day when
they thought they would have an ordinary one,
living in a miniature reality
before their fictitious worlds collide
once more.
Alice will go back to her never ending tea party.
Willie Wonka will catch his shiny glass lift
wondering who will they meet next?
In this peculiar twisted pairing
fantasy clashes with a miniature reality.
It’s always a twisted time for tea.
Alice and Willie Wonka.
Partners in rhyme
© kristy ellison flake