She had it hard everytime kept watching at her,she had it hard.
The time has come but all the darkness was upon thou.
No body knew what not having no pain but to have it hard was like.
She had it hard but didn't realise that it was worse then the normal one.
There was no off load but terrifying.
In a spiritual world it would sound like lights went off and it never shined.
For the should be fear but it was all quite.
She couldn't tell what to take or not to take it,but it was hard.
Come of her heart was not bothered.

Along came love,with it's happiness.
See this one is different cause it believes.
Sree this one is different cause it has hope.
The faith and power of this rumour,has so much blessing without recognising.
Prayer was at its play as the greatest spirit poured upon her.
She never had it hard cause she had hope.
Just about yesterday the glory did it's work.
A beautiful angel came to life.
It's a girl and she was named right after the writer.

© ladyd.Sigasa