Why?(the flowers have wilted)
A cup of tea, two sugars,
To make me forget the bitterness,
I drank from the cup of life.
Dead roses' petals,
Dry and crunchy, tasting of metal,
I grit them through my teeth, so juicy!
Red and bloody they drip.
Why do you come back now that the flowers have wilted?
Make me want to crawl out my skin like a snake,
Just leave me alone for God's sake!
Why do you leave if you said you would never?
Why even come if not to stay forever?
My tears are not mine, they just fall,
Hot and salty, tasting of heartburn,
They sting my cheeks like fireflies,
All I can see is bits of light,
Did I finally reach paradise?
Or is it the fire calling my name?
© K_K_writes
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