A Leaf's Rhyme
Once upon a time
A leaf told it's rhyme
It said,
Open your eyes, listen to me
I'll paint my life for you to see
Summer thundered in the sk Bringing the rain, wetting the land which was dry
Bathing the world, making it clean
Shining my shade, which was green
What happened next,
Autumn came, I began to cry
Turning me yellow, sucking me dry
Seeking the help, that couldn't be found
I left my home and fell on the ground
My fate changed,
Winter arrived and coated me in white
Dressing up, I became a bride
Frozen in place, waiting for death
Closing my eyes, I held my breath
Time passed,
Spring smiled and I born again
Opening my eyes, I forgot my pain
Laughing and dancing in the breeze
My life cycle began to repeat
( S . K )
© " We are all stardust and stories"