Undeniably prolific
Melodic lines that blur out the imperfections
The words clash with your personality
Get you excited
Get you stuck on the first verse
When you were in a rush to get to the chorus
Makes it easy to justify your actions
But will knock you out like it's nothing
Because it actually is
Pain's my best friend, not a foe
Cures can be dangerous if abused
At least it's easier to work with poisons
It's hard to see the face of the real enemy
I could be ninety-nine point nine per cent sure
But the zero point one per cent has me in chains
Can a sixth sense be trusted with something so delicate?
The type of questions that trace down the spine
Harsh decisions are required to keep them in line
The world on your back with your piece of land
What would bend first?
First aid for the broken trust
Plaster made out of technicality to hold you still
It takes years to rebuild that one part that loves
But me being here was only temporary
And you can't possibly sit on the edge forever
Slow build-up is just better
So much needs to be done before we get to the chorus
Even the first verse is still quite incomplete
Motives are getting intertwined
What are we even writing about?
My words don't make sense anymore
I don't make sense
My whiskey bottle is empty
But the noise inside my head isn't getting any quieter
The smokers could lend me a match, or a lighter
Burn to ashes the doubts eating me alive
Stay and watch
You all know how fun things can get
Especially when I'm the philosopher in question
Spitting my many controversies
Spitting in drinks, and changing recipes
Making homemade lemonade
From the lemon tree that I grew myself
Because life didn’t give lemons
So I can comfortably squeeze some in your eyes
Delay my answers, and ignore questions
Lie through my teeth
Because the one that the truth will hurt isn't me
You are not who you think you are
I'm not who you think I am
My hands aren't tied
They are clutching yours
Stopping you
From erasing the lines written across my face
You say one word at a time
I transform them into sentences
The nonsense will have to start to make sense
Because I pick up from where I left off
And until I write the end I'm not going anywhere.

© Juliet Jeyn