essence of time
In the realm of time, I stand with grace,
A clock marking life's eternal chase,
A witness to the cadence of existence,
As moments fade and memories persist.

Tick by tick, I measure the passing hours,
A guardian of time's infinite powers,
With hands that glide, like dancers in flight,
I bring order to chaos, from day to night.

I watch as people come and go,
The young ones skipping, the old ones slow,
Their faces changing with the winds of time,
Their stories etched in rhythm and rhyme.

Through joy and sorrow, love and strife,
I stand as a sentinel, bound to life,
Each tick, each tock, a rhythmical refrain,
Echoing the heartbeat of the human domain.

I've witnessed celebrations, marked by cheers,
And whispered condolences, drenched in tears,
I've seen both beginnings and bitter ends,
As life's tapestry unfolds, weaves and mends.

The seasons dance upon the stage,
As nature's rhythms turn a different page,
I keep pace with the sun, the moon high above,
Guiding the symphony of life with love.

But even I, with all my might,
Cannot halt time's relentless flight,
For every tick brings us closer to the end,
When life itself will cease, my eternal friend.

So cherish each moment in this grand array,
Embrace the rhythms that mark each day,
For in the cosmic dance we all partake,
I, the keeper of time, watch your life unfold and make.

And as the final moment draws near,
Let not fear cloud your heart, my dear,
For in the ebbing of time, a new rhythm will rise,
As your essence transcends to eternal skies.

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