Valentine wish
In a world full of roses and hearts,
Where love's symphony gently imparts,
I send forth a Valentine wish,
A whisper of hope, a gentle swish.

May love's sweet fragrance fill the air,
Caress the broken, heal the despair.
May lonely souls find solace in light,
Embrace the darkness, make it bright.

May love's embrace be warm and true,
A beacon of hope for me and you.
May hearts that ache find tender grace,
A gentle touch, a warm embrace.

May love's sweet melody fill our ears,
Banishing doubts, erasing fears.
May passion ignite like a burning flame,
And unity be our eternal aim.

May love's tender petals never fade,
In sunlit meadows, where dreams are made.
May love's enchantment forever stay,
And guide us through life, day by day.

So, let this Valentine wish take flight,
Across the universe, shining so bright.
May love's essence forever persist,
In every heart, a timeless bliss.
© w.Castleman