I'm not valid_
you don't validate me
you don't validate my feelings
you don't validate my emotions
you don't even validate my mood
Everytime I turn around you scream
Everytime I turn around you yell
Everytime I turn around you even raise your tone
I've been treated like this by you for as long as I can remember it's not my fault you won't ever see the flaws in your errors and problems and you won't get help
I don't know how much more I can take
I can't deal with it no more
I can't cope with it no more
I rather just drink myself and my own life away just to deal with you your so hard to bare with I rather not give a fuck and live with it until you unfortunately do pass away and then you wonder why you have bad karma
it's because the way you treat good people
I'm a good person and I really don't deserve this or that you don't understand how it feels I really wish I could give you a taste of your own medicine see how you feel to be treated the way you treat me it's not fair at all and don't care if life's not fair you should really consider my feelings and treat me right but I never get that every time I'm around you
you literally lash out at me because you're angry or mad about stupid ass shit it's time to get over it and stop putting it out on people you so call love and care about I'm so tried and done with the fucking bullshit and I can't stand it anymore because of you did it to me don't blame anyone else but you I don't feel like I ever get what I really deserve that I deserve maybe because the way you treat mom is why I've never been in a good relationship because you're supposed to lead by example which you don't do so maybe I don't deserve to be treated right by anyone
because you never treated me like the way you should have done in the first place.