Have you ever met a failure?
A failure is someone who hides behind all their lies
A failure is the first person to be despised
A failure is someone never rested
Always in system fight (flight) lies
A failure tries their best but in the end cries

Failure can be beautiful they say, it's what helps you grow and learn
But is it really learning if all you do is fail
Again, and again and again and again and then even more
Then when you look into their eyes for support
All you ever see is the painful look of disappointment, not the familiar eyes that once laughed with you

Staring into those eyes all you want to do it tell them
Yell at them, that you tried, you tired, I'm getting better, I tried again and I'm sorry that it wasn't enough, I'm sorry
Sorry I can't compare
I'm sorry that it wasn't the growth you were looking for
The growth I seem to need to see you smile again

But instead you bite your tongue, bow your head
Make that unachievable promise
And quietly say 'I'll do better next time's
But you dont, and even if you did would they notice
No, it was a ghost of improvement

A failure is someone who goes unnoticed even if they're the loudest in the room
A failure is someone who is unheard, someone speaking static not words
A failure is someone who feels the need to try, and try until all they know is dull eyes, a heavy chest, and pain of a laboured breath
A failure sucked at any mistake, any small slip up
But continues to will themselves, push themselves to stay strong
To not break

Have you met a failure?

© Akki42

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