The Katana
In shadows cast, a blade unfolds,
A katana's tale, ancient and bold.
Forged in fires of skillful hands,
A symbol of honor in distant lands.

Its edge whispers tales of samurai might,
A dance of skill in the moon's soft light.
From folded steel, strength refined,
A guardian's weapon, noble and kind.

In battle's embrace, it defends the weak,
A silent protector, courage it speaks.
Through centuries passed, its legacy carved,
A symbol of honor, from warriors far.

Yet beyond the strife, a lesson concealed,
The katana's essence, not just to wield.
Discipline and respect, in each swing displayed,
In the heart of a warrior, a code obeyed.

So honor the blade, not just for its might,
But the virtues it carries, day and night.
In the hands of the wise, a guardian's art,
The katana's importance, engraved in the heart.
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