A Piece Of Me
I’ve been sitting on a chair for half an hour,
I’ve come home from a long day just doing nothing,
I have blue dots in my hands that cover the flushed red of my cheeks,
I hear conversations from strangers ,
Standing on the balcony, another ordinary day
Just doing nothing again.

Staring at the dead looking tree with no flowers no leaves,
It reminds me of the dreamness and numbness I hold still.
I hear nothing but the sound of someone's shoes as they walk by,
The noises from their unknown houses,
The fast speed of wheels of a car I don’t dare see, perhaps uninterested.

A window opening
As the birds sing

I write this as I think of you, more than I would admit to anyone
Everything brings me back to your memory.


What is losing really?

The world keeps spinning around like our souls will.


You’re everywhere,
Everything I see,
Everything I aim to do,
Every step I take I take it for two.

© isatbythesea
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