In the sleeping silence of autumn
under the hurricane trees
there is a heart racing its beats
still encouraged by the warm welcome
That you gave him in the warm summer sun

I don't know if it was your smile
or that look of a spring poppy,
that she told me one afternoon
that I must take you in my memory.

Your serene voice of calm seas
your tropical horizon climate
and those eyes of the full moon
and disguise of autumn white clouds,
sleeping love, your insomnia
that I feel and do not know,
bring so many unfinished ideas to me,
What if I told you what I feel
tomorrow I would not know what else to say.

Instead I, a walker of life and time
I do not know if it is true that the sweet memories
no matter what your age,
give reason to the senses
more in me you are latent.

I'll tell you that I envy you too
But there are so many places to walk
and the roads are so long
that it is necessary to advance;
for now I'll take you inside
and in my loneliness from each part
I'll take your company
© Alexis Hidalgo

#freeverse #Iifetime #fall #nature