World So Cold And Evil
In a world so cold and evil,
Where darkness resides in every corner,
Hope seems like a distant dream,
And kindness is a forgotten virtue.

People turn their backs on one another,
Selfishness and greed cloud their vision,
Leaving behind a trail of destruction,
And hearts shattered into a million pieces.

In this cruel and unforgiving world,
Where innocence is taken for granted,
And trust is a rare commodity,
We must hold onto our humanity tightly.

For even in the midst of chaos and despair,
Love still has the power to prevail,
To warm the coldest of hearts,
And bring light to the darkest of souls.

So let us rise above the cruelty,
And strive to make this world a better place,
With each act of kindness and compassion,
We can create a ripple effect of change.

In a world so cold and evil,
Let us be the shining beacons of hope,
Guiding others out of the darkness,
And into the warmth of humanity's embrace.

© w.Castleman