"God Loves Everyone"
Oh Jesus,
My brother whom I do love,
My brother who I have drank the blood of,
Every memory and joy You have created
For me to feel so sublime,
A Path of destined Bliss.

So Jesus,
I will tell You Your Plan is great,
Though I have no clue what will come between now and Heaven's Gate.
It is such a surreal kind of love,
Some people don't care,
Some people hate.

But I remember:
Blessed are those who have Faith without seeing.
Even though someday You and I are dreaming.
Of the kind of Love that the Father bestows so sweet,
It is a blessed Peace.

Every where I know You are with me.

Every way to pray,
Is a prayer never ending and continuing indefinitely to the Worlds Below as it is in Heaven.
Stretching and reaching for all the Children of the Lamb's Creation,

One day!
One day!
One way!
I hear the Gate is quite narrow,
But your Love is Eternal
And your forgiveness is broadened by Faith!

Every Soul will know!
Jesus Christ loves us all,
For everything He made is good,
Even if the building blocks of character and life,
Takes longer and into the Afterlife
He will be waiting for us,
As our loving Brother and Lord and God!

By: Jesus Christ and Karen Hickey…

© Karen R. Hickey