Emerald Gaze
As the sun dips beneath the horizon low,
Its golden rays over the lagoon gently flow,
The sky painted with hues of pink and purple bright,
I'm left in awe, overcome with sheer delight.

Yet I never wish it lasts forever,
As I long for the moonlight's gentle tether.
I welcome the moon's soft, silver gleam,
For its tranquil beauty is like a dream.

Oh how I wish to stay for a thousand nights,
Staring at the twinkling celestial lights.
No beauty could ever surpass its shimmering light.
But that night,

upon the roof, I found,
Your eyes, a universe, my heart unbound.
Lost in your gaze, no path did I see,
No way out, just you and me.

Falling into depths, into the unknown,
Searching for silver, but found greenery grown.
Thrown in this abyss, an emerald eden I found
Butterflies surrounding me, where I'm bound

I forgot the moon, ignoring its distant call,
Lost in your verdant eyes, I found my all.
No wish to flee, no desire to escape,
For in your gaze, I found my landscape.

And I swoon over your smile, wide.
I found my home, my eternal tide.