Alone at the edge of a cliff.
Fending for myself is all I've ever known.
Wondering if those people I helped before
Did anyone of them remember me at all?
Did anybody hear me at all?

Did anybody know that I need help too?
They must have been deaf,
I was screaming in pain!
Been strong for too long;
Been holding all of this alone.

When I was a kid;
I was fascinated to be an adult,
But now that I'm of that age,
I feel like being gut punch and stab again by the reality that it's not easy.
Constantly struggling and now my life's messy.

Emotions just keep surging;
Swallowed screams and cries in silence,
Hoping that no one will notice.
But now,
I can't hold it all from this moment.

Is it my fault?
If I just want to let it all out?
Just like a thunder
In a raging storm!
I want to shout it out!

The frustrations!
The regrets I made for deciding something out of desperation!
The betrayals I encountered from the past!
The lies and rumors that people thought were true!

The grief of losing a loved one I hold dear!
The efforts I made only to be invalidated!
The love I gave someone only to be thrown away!
The past mistakes that made me regret until today!
The lies that I told myself that I'm gonna be okay just to make it throughout the day!

Shout it all!
Release it all!
Just to be okay.
Because tomorrow is another day,
To make these emotions go away.

© SupangWritings
Jan 5, 2023