A Beauty's Tale
There is a beautiful girl with
black hair that shines like a moonlight;
you’ll be blinded for it was too bright
Her eyes are a charming ocean of stars,
behind it was a thousand of scars
She has a smile that charms everybody,
seeing it felt like you’re looking at a garden
that has a bewitching beauty
Her voice is soothing, can make you shudder
A girl who hold the title of “The Beauty”,
you causes me to stutter.

Alluring one that bewitches at first glance,
everyone wants to hold you in their arms
But dear beauty that held everyone’s eyes,
why do thou live with such lies?

Dresses made of fine silk, funny it only hides the scars made by your father’s whip
Your freedom were taken and stumped on the ground
A lovely blooming life is in a cage; forever bound
Happiness ended with sadness
Fairytales are just stories of women's nightmares.

Oh, beauty! If you’re already tired of being a little miss perfect, why don’t you drink a poison and see its effect?

© Trisha Ancuna