My Flower

In the garden of my dreams I found the one
That one special flower I longed to embrace
And in this dream I would always run
To find this flower as time gave chase

Each morning I wake to my flower gone
It's fragrance lost to the sunlight's streams
I learned to dread the coming dawn
And wished to stay lost in my dreams

I whispered to the night a silent prayer
That somehow I could hold you in the day
That we would be an everlasting pair
And then one night you told me the way.

“Pick this flower to keep by your side
Know that I'll be with you night and day
All you need is to look inside
And there I'll be to light your way.”

“Now I am a blossom pressed in a
That you can carry wherever you go
Go on open up and take a look
Then my love you will always know.”

So here you are, a flower pressed in time
Giving hope as lovely as your petals pure
Missing you, my heart's lonely chime
But in this book, our dream endures.

Image from pixabay

© MysticDreamer