blissful nature
As raindrops descend, painted silvery grace,
From towering trees their gentle path they trace,
A symphony of nature, a dance so free,
As leaves surrender droplets to the sea.

From emerald branches, liquid jewels glide,
Cascading like tears shed, humble and wide,
They twinkle and shimmer, in unison fall,
To quench the thirst of the pond, one and all.

Each droplet, like a whispered secret form,
Falls gracefully, amidst the stormy norm,
Creating ripples, circles of pure delight,
As raindrops merge, casting love's ancient rite.

The pond, a mirror, reflects the sky's tears,
Nature's weeping, refreshing all her years,
In harmony they blend, united in tune,
Rain from trees to pond, a precious commune.

In this symphony of water and earth,
New life emerges, witnessing their rebirth,
Raindrops from trees, descend to the abyss,
A sonnet of nature, a moment of bliss.
© jMaj161914