Our Story
Our Story:

She loves me
She loves me not
And a little deranged
Like pulling the petals
Off of the daisy
Making it real
Both answers
Equally correct
She loves me
Or does she not
Sequentially illogical
Schrodinger's cat
Alive when she is around
Dead when she’s not
No man’s land
If you’re refusing to choose
How to move on
Stuck in a stasis
Two positions
In a one-night stand
Quantumly ahead of his time
Ones or zeros
I wish I were both
At one and the same time
I wanna be your superposition
Everything all of the time
Across every universe
A qubit Love affair
No Cosmic doubt
Maya the futility of the illusion
Beyond this
I need you in real-time
Here and now
Not an NPC
Nor a probability wave
The Copenhagen solution
It applies
My world collapsing
I manifest a single outcome
I render you to me
Game over
Play again
Digital physics
She Loves me
I’ll accept no other
Epilogue to the end of
Our Story

the Dyslexic Poet™🎩
“your Ringmaster”

Original words and thoughts penned of heart & mind of:
©Warren Mace, A.k.a the Dyslexic Poet™ ✍️

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