Bestie's Birthday
Everyone needs to have a best friend.
Someone to be there, a love without end.
In this shallow world with superficial mask,
we think that friendship is all sunny and you get what you ask.

The truth about friendship isn't pretty, frilly dreams.
It's sometimes ugly and messy, shades of profanity and angry screams.
I can speak with knowledge you don't find in a book.
For life has given me this knowledge from a firsthand look.

I've been given a gift so simple yet rare!
The greatest best friend who truly does care.
I know that it's real and I know that it's true.
You want to know how? Listen up and I'll tell you.

It's not because of all the fun times and laughs.
It's not because she warms my heart when the cold world let's in a draft.
It's not because of all the times she raised my spirits when I was sad.
It's not because she's calmed me down when I was mad.

All those things are true, no doubt, but that's not how I know this friendship will last.
My memories are many of all the laughs and the silliness when we were having a blast.
When life is good and days are sunny smiling friends aren't hard to find.
It's when the dark closes in and the nights never end and strangers seem so unkind.

It's when you've failed again and you're done even trying!
When you're on the floor feeling like you're dying.
It's when you think the whole world has turned away,
and you see that one beacon of hope that decided to stay!

It's when you've gotten yourself again in a mess.
When you think your value has become even less.
When the one in the mirror won't look you in the eyes.
It's when you're starving for truth after eating everybody else's lies.

That's when you see who is truly meant to be!
Telling you the hard ugly truth you don't want to see.
Picking you up when the world knocks you down.
Or just laying beside you on the uncomfortable cold ground.

I have the greatest best friend of all!
She knows my secrets, my fuck ups and is there when I fall.
Without even speaking she can hear what I don't say.
She knows when to hug me and when it's best to stay away.

Our friendship has seen fire, sunshine and rain!
At times it has filled us but at times we would drain.
It's known anger and pain and lashing out when we shouldn't.
Rising up after falling when we knew that we couldn't.

There's been times of not speaking or caring who's right.
Times we thought our friendship would never again feel right.
But through all the storms that life threw our way,
We always found our way back to a sunny day.

Even when we'd drag one another kicking and screaming!
We never give up on what the other is dreaming.
Everyone needs to have a best friend!
Someone to be there, a love without end.

But Victoria is mine so go get your own!
We water each other and watch as we've grown.
She is by far my most favorite bitch!
So proud she's my bestie even when she's a witch.

So don't even think you can fuck with our bond.
she'll help me get rid of your body in the shit pond.
Happy birthday Victoria, my bestest best friend.
Come what may I'll still be there, ride or die to the end!

© Simple Sue