Assumptions, angles and silence
You'd rather not say how you feel or what you think
Keeping your emotions closed off
Yet you expect me to give you the world and more
That's how you are
You blame me for not reading your thoughts
You blame me for not feeling your emotions
Yet you never open up to me when I knock on your hearts door

You were everything sweet and masculine I wished for
You cared and you loved
I adored you till I realized how your flaws stood out
I stood by and watch and didn't like how things were turning out
I've been here one too many times
I was disappointed yet again
To continue whatever this is or dub it another failed shot at romance
I thought my decision was made till you came around

We both were in the wrong,
Making fantasies of lives we want to live with our perfect other
Forgetting how human and flawed both of us are
How we hurt each other unintentionally
And how love hurts us either way.
© rollieee