Among the many broken promises of change, the neverending torment of threats and acts of violence, I gather up the withered scraps of my courage.

My heart, bearing the weight of a thousand memories, each one a glaring reminder of danger normalized over many years. Moments that became woven into my veins, a darkness deep enough to eclipse the sun.

With fear and panic gnawing at my resolve, its icy fingers gripping my very soul, I dare to dream. Forgotten strength floods my thoughts, calling out my name.

Faltering steps as I approach the edge. Each step echoes past failures to leave and an uncertain future. His anger lurks behind every corner, feeding my doubts like a ravenous beast.

With trembling fingers I begin to weave a new courage in my veins. Through wounds unhealed and tears I shed, I face his conflicting truths and storms of rage.

Like a flower that blooms overnight, a new resolve blossoms in my broken body and spirit. No longer would I dance to his tune of control and abuse. Or stay in the shadows of false security and promises never kept.

I take a breath, cold panic bitter on my tongue, as I faced the unknown journey ahead. Heart racing to its own drumbeat of terror, I find just a sliver of courage.

I embrace the unknown with tearful eyes wide open and a heart built from the fire. As I leave behind pieces of broken dreams, I walk through the fire. And find redemption burning bright within my soul.
© MysticDreamer