Goal Reaching • Hardships • To Overcome • Motivation
Why You People Call Hardships by Going Through a Way In the Same Direction , the Others are going ....Just Copying them...?

“You are not born to Copy Others but To Make others Copy You.”

Just Try To Walk Towards Opposite Direction....

Why Always Your Destination be a Peak ? Why Always You Need To Go Up The Stairs ?

Change your Mentality and Personality ....
Choose Your Goal Down The Stairs , You are now at Peak , Where there is little Oxygen,... It's Easy To Go Down Rather Going Up ...
When you Reach down You will Find Plenty of Air to breathe and a Strong Soil under your Feet !

Don't Hurry While Coming Down the Stairs as You may fall ... ... ...

Stairs are slippery, so You need to be careful ... Calmy and Slowly , move on towards your Goal ....😇

Remember, You should have two things : Patience and Extreme Will of WorkDone.
Always be Respectful, even with your Enemies who are against your Goal.

Keep In Mind that , Your Goal IS NOT a Train, that It will move on unless you hurry....
Never Console Yourself, because Consolation Invites Laziness
If you don't rank , then make your Goal of Ranking your Hunger !

When your stomach (goal) is fulfilled, never Lick your Fingers (Any Silly bad deed) because In the Future, You will be doing your Work by your own Stale-Licked Fingers.

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This is not a Poem.