One love rohirat.. ❤️‍🩹🤌
Oh Rohirat...
Don't ever stop
Even you get flop
For me you are memories
Not the mind's unbearable calories..
Cricket can't be imagine without both of you..
Just like Cristiano ronaldo without siuu
It's my humble request
please fulfill the dream of Indians to conquest
the t20 world Cup
Which make us forget the wc 23 World Cup breakup
For me you are not players
You are God and bowler's slayers
Oh Rohirat....
Don't ever stop
Even if you flop
Otherwise our heartbeats will stop
Your cover drives and pull shot
makes all our dilemma rot
So please for this time
Make ourselves shine
And please bring the world Cup 🙏🏻
© Swagat200809