My artistic emotions

A bunch of wild flowers,
overlooking a seashore,
bright yellow marigold in garden,
shining in the noon of summers.
Pencil sketch of an old shop,
bringing out old memories,
or having a relaxing moment,
of a cacophony in the catkins.

Watching sunrise in spring colors,
viewing the woodwork in early morning,
watching afterglow over tree branches,
or through the shrubs in a grassland.
A lone tree standing near a lake,
or rows of them blooming with flowers,
sometimes a single daisy snapshot,
then there are gardens full of tulip blossoms.

A house and car with retro looks,
that take me to their times,
or a hiker standing over a cliff,
looking at the snowclad mountains.
A wooden path getting wet with drizzle,
as the leaves fall towards the pond,
a sweet bluebird sitting on a twig,
trying to get hold of a berry.

A picture of baby elephant,
enjoying sprinkles from a hose,
or small playful kittens,
caught doing some mischief.
Magnificent painting in museums,
or artful presentations of food blogs,
impossible location in wildlife channels,
or novel untouched travel locations.

Be it animation or reality portrayal,
rhythmic music or dry narrations,
as I keep browsing through life,
there are plenty of stimulus.
So, how can I choose one,
with such variety of interests,
every time, they make me mesmerized...
satisfying my artistic emotions.

© Dr. Manish Rout

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