love is full of surprises
I meet an amazing person for the first time
he always will be my partner in crime
he will be my one and only prime

The actions and the promises he made are always true
I never knew that one day that amazing person would be you
When the time comes you are the one I want to pursue

The way he smiles at me makes my heart melt
Every night I think of him and his smile and I felt
Soon we will conquer challenges and we will dealt

My heart always scattered, broken pieces before
After a few months of going to a broken heart next time i explore
Sooner someone like you restore

I always smile when you are around
You and i together will be bound
In the mist of the crowds you are found

I always knew and i believed
That someday i will received
The love i want to achieve

Things are getting better
Your hugs is like a sweater
Appreciate the letter

The feeling i feel is amazing since
You are like a prince
You show everything to me and that's how you convince

You show your own efforts and give
I will always going to remember and live
Every fights ill always forgive

You do anything to make me impressed
And i always feel it and im relieved
I gladly I received
© Burdentoall