one day
In the quiet whispers of the wind, I speak my truth,
A testament of an affection, veiled in friendship's cloak,
My best friend, my confidante, she, who knows not of my heart's pursuit,
In the realm of emotions, to her, I am bound as if by an eternal yoke.

Her laughter, a melody that echoes in the silent chambers of my soul,
Her tears, the rain that drenches my spirit, leaving a lingering ache,
In the book of my existence, she plays the most vital role,
A story of love hidden in friendship, a tale that life did make.

Her eyes hold galaxies, her smile, the sun's radiant glow,
In her presence, I find solace, a sanctuary from life's chaotic strife,
A silent confession of love, buried under layers of friendly banter and woe,
An unspoken truth, a silent symphony, the underlying soundtrack of my life.

Her dreams, I carry in my heart, her hopes, etched on my skin,
Her fears, my demons, her joys, my victories, our lives entwined,
The canvas of my existence, painted with her, every shade, every hue, every grin,
A love so profound, so immense, yet to her, it remains confined.

She sees a friend, a companion, a shoulder to lean,
In her eyes, I search for a hint of love, a spark remaining unseen,
Yet, I wear a mask of camaraderie, hiding my love, so keen,
In the silent echoes of my heart, she reigns as an uncrowned queen.

In the labyrinth of emotions, where love and friendship collide,
I wander aimlessly, lost in the whirlpool of silent confessions,
In the dance of shadows and light, in her love, I confide,
A symphony of unsaid words, a ballet of suppressed emotions.

A tale of love, woven in the threads of friendship, so pure,
An unexpressed feeling, a love so true, yet so unsure,
In the silence of the night, my heart whispers "I love you" in a voice so secure,
Yet, she knows it not, my love, my best friend, my heart's only cure.

One day, perhaps, my confession will find its voice,
Till then, I am content, loving her from a distance, making a silent choice,
In the chaos of the world, in her laughter, I rejoice,
My love, my best friend, the unsung song, the unheard noise.
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