Make A Life That You Can Be Proud Of
Rushing with cars on the main thoroughfare,
Festivities, bits of gifts and chapped cheeks,
Excitement in the air is here to bear,
The holiday cheer is within reach.

Christmas is coming onto the shore,
Nice song and dance to set the mood,
Old reunions and new revelries to explore,
Loss is forgotten and winning is the food.

Time now to celebrate new beginnings,
Let go of what was, welcome what will be,
Time to forget mistakes, learn from their sting,
Share the love, receive the same intensity.

Positive energy, hopes all around,
Though the future is still a mystery,
Ringing in the New Year with a clear sound,
Let us start it with beautiful harmony.

It is a chance to start anew,
To explore and to discover,
To take risks, try something new,
And find out who you are and who you want to be,
Like a blank canvas ready to be painted.

The dawn of a new year,
Is a chance to look forward,
A chance to dare to dream,
And make a life that you can be proud of.

© Lai Montes