Our silent symphony...
In the quiet space where we reside,
A thousand words we leave aside.
Your eyes find mine, a gentle plea,
Silent confessions between you and me.

A fleeting touch, a heartbeat shared,
In silence, how our souls have bared.
No need for speech, no whispered vows,
Our love in quiet moments bows.

In every glance, a story spun,
Between us two, we are as one.
The world fades out, and in this trance,
Our silent love begins its dance.

Your hand in mine, a secret told,
In silence, how our hearts unfold.
A silent promise, pure and true,
Between us, love, just me and you.

In the stillness, where dreams align,
Our silent confessions intertwine.
No louder voice could ever be,
Than the silent love between you and me.

In every breath, a story told, Of love that silent hearts uphold. A silent vow, a promise dear, In quiet love, we’re always near...!!!
© dil ki kalam se.. "paalu"