A Successful Seduction
There's a glint in her eyes, a kind that holds a stare of showed interest but sometimes those stares lingers longer, much longer enough to cause a threat, holding less words and meaning behind them.
Her smiles are pretty but it never get to those eyes, dark and unreadable yet so calm as a full moon in the night sky, a kind that lures you in.
She says little or no words at all but hovers around closely like a predator watching the growth of it's prey with desires to tame counting days to tear it flesh apart just to have it's blood beneath her fingernails.
And when she speaks, voice as sirens, sounds echoing, light enough to be carried by the wind covering distance even to your dreams, still tingling in your ears when you are awake, while dawn comes as dark gives way for light, your heart beats to her rythm, your eyes sees only her like a floating sun, your lips calls her name as you walk straight for her den, a trap in disguise of a door, where you meet her in silk covered in red with a glass of wine as an offer to your damnation.

© Kizuwili