An old dusted poetry written on the surface of my withered heart with the pen of gentleness and trepidation

A soul I would love to love even on the days of agony and harshness
She sets my sun at peace
And my withered heart at ease
She held me with her smile
And a soft voice i can't resist

Ufff, her voice is my favourite melodies of all time, her voice surely set my heart at peace

Her neck is the fragrance of mystery and grief of old

Her cheeks reminds me of beaches that are on the edge of this world

Her eyes are ocean i can drink all
yet will be left with the desire to drink more

Her nose which is perfectly inclined with her lips, in them i would love to lose myself like a traveller who lost its path

Her hair reminds me, leaves of the lote tree I saw in the garden of edens when i was recarnatin from the pain of old.....

Her soul lit my desire to love once more

Her body speaks language of confidence and comfort she feels like a warm hug that i was meant to get......

And i know their world have many things to say that "i am not her's to love and she is not mine to hold"
But for me the opinion of my world is enough to dare and fight for my love

© poethesis_