"Harmony's Embrace: A Family's Year-End Ode "
As the year draws its curtain, families unite,
Through laughter and tears, in joy and in strife.
Together we've woven a tapestry so fine,
A fabric of love, where our hearts intertwine.

Through seasons that changed, in moments we shared,
The bonds of our kinship, so precious and rare.
In the warmth of togetherness, memories bloom,
A garden of love, dispelling all gloom.

Through trials and triumphs, side by side we stand,
A resilient family, guided by love's gentle hand.
May the new year ahead bring blessings untold,
A story of unity, in silver and gold.

As we bid farewell to the year that has passed,
Grateful hearts beat in rhythm, steadfast.
In the embrace of family, through thick and through thin,
Here's to the bond that forever will win.
© Poison123