Virtuous Resilience

In a world where the virtues we once held with pride,
Are trimmed, whitewashed, replaced, in shadows they hide.
The opposite of our fathers' practices now takes the stage,
Vices thrive, while virtues fade, an unwelcome exchange.

Wickedness and hatred deemed strong, outspoken, and patriotic,
Goodness, kindness, trust, empathy dismissed as idiotic.
Corruption's proceeds venerated like gods on high,
Arm robbers in government lauded—we must ask why.

Did you mention 'model'? Yes, for something to aspire,
In a landscape where values wane and virtues tire.
If, despite it all, you cling to goodness, kindness, and grace,
With unquestionable dignity, you stand—a role model we embrace.

© Aquilo-Dominic G. Udo