In the shadows of the night, a foe does rise,
A figure shrouded in deceit and lies,
Whispers of malice in the wind that sighs,
An enemy unseen, a devil in disguise.

With eyes like coals, the enemy does glare,
A twisted smile, a dagger sharp and bare,
In darkness lurking, with intentions unfair,
Threatening chaos, spreading despair.

But lo, in the depths of adversity's snare,
Courage kindles, a flame that dares,
To face the enemy with unwavering stare,
To battle with strength beyond compare.

Though the enemy may cast a darkened shade,
In the heart of the poet, a light is laid,
A verse of valor, a ballad that bade,
Defying the foe, with words well-played.

So let the enemy tremble and quake,
For in the poet's pen, a mighty quake,
A poetry of power, a song to make,
The enemy's resolve begin to break.

And in the end, as the enemy fades away,
A victory in words, a triumph in display,
For poetry has vanquished the darkness' sway,
And turned the enemy into mere clay.