You, with your glassy eyes and glossy skin
smooth are your lips
your gentle touch made me shudder with excitement
i trembled at your feet
and adored you to my defeat

You, with your perfect lines and smiles
waltz into my life
and swept me of the ground
i couldn't bear to see you frown
and now i feel like a clown

I was proud that you were mine
you were my ten but I wasn't even your nine
the sound of your voice was my hearts alarm
now saying your name feels like Haram

I went from the melodies oh tell me you love me
transitioning to the rhythms of stone cold
how dare you ask me what went wrong
when you left me alone for days so long
i stood at the tapestry of of your hearts door
begging to be let in

My strength i spent pounding in the rain
my efforts were met with echoes
was i wrong to yearn for your embrace
my yesses ended with guesses
was i good enough
i stared at the keyhole for hours
my tears poured in as bitter showers

The sky cleared up, rainy days were over
i clicked my heels
gave my back to the doors of my lover
as i walked away
you opened the door pleading me to stay

Funny, i did stay
i stayed out
i turned to your beautiful face
stay in and keep the doors shut behind you
i whispered

Feelings no matter how intense
like the heat from frankincense
it's perfumes and essence
bloom when its met with kindness
you ignored me, thought me to live without you
i gave you what you wanted,
do well to be at peace with my absence
to the doors of my life,
you no longer have access


© irkel