Fire in her eyes,
Blood in her lies,
Furious moves she made,
kept her enemies laid,
She is a supreme power,
kept them crying for hours,

Fearless diva she is ,
Extraordinary bravery she makes,
Extravagant style she holds,

She kept her composure,
Killed them without closure,
Loved him for real,
prosperity and audacity so surreal,
She looks so good and flawless,
Dusked the sun that's restless,

Impeccable taste of their blood,
Kept her shirt dirt stained,
Remoreful and ruthless death of her foes,
Those mean girls wearing less like some hoes,

She is a fighter,
She is that believer,
She believed her conscience, .
She became the highest power .

it's for my bias 'Nezuko chan '
she is the root of what I wanna grow up and became into !!
She is my angel in disguise...
© Straighttoheaven