Colors of Life
Seven colors in the rainbow
Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet
Vanished from the sky of her life
Scattered, that's how she felt.

Embracing the warmth of darkness,
She felt cold in the bright colorful world
Went from Purple to shady Black,
And took the path to the Netherworld.

Still, she can sense every soul of every color
However, she turns to be color-blind most of the time
Like dandelions fading in the wind,
To her, finding happiness felt like a crime.

In the search of Gray,
She found her Blue
In the search of Chrysanthemums,
She found her La Vie En Rose Experiencing various colors of life and it's hue
She realized every stain's purpose.

And that's how her desire came true
Peaks & Valleys, everything she went through
Aparted from the delusion of illusion,
Now uncaged, mused as free as a bird
Used shades of silver to scour,
Turned her existence into a golden hour.
© evie_me_2005