The Way of Life
Hello, Friends,
🍂 Let's talk about a beautiful thing
🍂 Every beggar has it, So is a king
🍂 It changes,
🍂 From cats to lions, From ants to elephants
🍂 From youngs to old, From adults to infants
🍂 Sometimes,
🍂 It's dark as a night or bright as a day
🍂Leave you full of words or nothing to say
🍂 Do you know what is it?
🍂 It's a flower's petal or the edge of a knife
🍂 We call it," The Way of Life"
🍂 It's destination is,
🍂 Success or happiness, Peace or money
🍂 It's end can be sour or sweet as honey
🍂 So, Even if,
🍂 It leads to pain, sadness or sorrows
🍂Tread it with a smile, For better tomorrows
🍂. ( S . K )
© " Life breaks us. Then we fill the crack with something stronger."