It's a curse to sense every blood cells
streaming in my body,
because I can't keep calm!
And I feel it as unique as
lunatics are always idiosyncratic
and are full of conditions and terms.

I try to control my dwelling mind
that keeps on roaming inside my body,
that never allow me to rest but
show me endless possibilities
of the non-existent nobody.

Pains are like breaks in the pathways
of my gallivanting mind that
lure me to rest and go deep…
So deep that I can't return back
and fear and can only weep.

It's peculiar how illusion affect minds
forever trapping them inside
a hollow well..
Unknowingly after that I give the sanity
and serenity inside my head a farewell!

I cannot explain the tingling sensation
I feel everyday!
The constant fear that looms.
I'm scared of that feeling too that has
make all my moments full of gloom!

They named me a hypochondriac,
they means the crowd
inside my mind but I…
I call myself the
unwed Kafka's fictive daughter,
and ask them where's the lie?

As father, I daughter offend my body
with these thoughts and
Oh!! am caged...
The things I feel might not exist as
very few accept it to be true,
But here I am swimming in the lifelong cursed pond filled
with water of colour deep dull blue!

I am petrified!
I am petrified!

© Astha Borah