what I see in me.
I see a broken girl who never had to open her heart to anyone.

I see a girl who let the wrong people in.

I see a girl who has been picked on being a mom because she is deaf.

I see a girl who let's those words make her lazy because she is in her head all day.

I see a girl who doesn't know life because when she thought she had, she felt hurt the most.

All the arguments to me isn't love.

I have to change again that's not love that's molding me into something you want me to be.

I'm so tired of rejection I can't change a hearing loss.

I can't change that I'm loud because I can't hear. I can only try to work on it.

I can't change my feelings that a man like you could ever love me because you only ever says those hurtful things to me and never to anyone else, not even your own family.

Why should I change because when I do your words won't change.

I am a good person but when words come at me on repeat, I flip the switch.

I love with my whole heart, I defend those in need.

I will always be an issue, I will always have my guard up.

I will always keep it simple.

In a room full of people I will stay quiet.

I will choose my own peace before everyone else's.
One day I can feel free, and brave.

Even if my peace, and bravery, and wisdom,and respect, come years from now.

Just got to be who I am alone, and love myself alone.

© melody grace.