Brutality realtaliy.
I can't breathe
polluted the meaning of life,suppressed the Kraft,flooded the city’s,traps of poverty.

I can’t breathe
The reality of it,they hate our blackness,the image, the likeness of light.

I can’t breathe
Marching threw cities,towns they hunt us down,
Gun us down on the ground,spit on our worth.

I can’t breathe
The system Mentally enslave our people threw costume.

I can’t breathe
vaccinate the women,annihilate us kings
genetically modified,depopulate,life's at stake:
Faces glued,social platforms becoming our idols.

I can’t breathe
Lip service got our ears tune,consume by fear:
Check what lies,behind the curtain beast of beast:
Secret combination,hand gesture,constructing
Abominable churches,high rankings secret society
enforcements,murder the righteous,
code of silence,murder with excellents.

To whom,hear this codex:
As the tip of my pen,spills ink on these paper sheets,I drop my tears on these paper sheets,
Cups of drags,we shall taste no more.

I can’t breathe
Feel for my people,who take this lightly:
Got obligation to speak,uplift these lost soul,
Don't let the stimulus,false reality consume your mind,
Let the voices of inner consciences ,supreme-self consume your time:
White dove Kingdom come,she’s on her way.

I can’t breathe
You can mess around get left around destruction.

I can’t breathe
They anit playing fare,swift like a eagle:
The hunt is on,we the prey,check their ways.

Trying to give you nice size plate,food for thought
Examine the plate,full of grace decode playz,
Pray for power,restoration covering by the Lord.

I can’t breathe
It's a death sentence,if you show light in America:
Triple k'america,dispise us they wanna hang us.

I can't breathe,face to the concert
Face batter'n bruise,face turn blue worldwide news.

I can't breathe,wicked paintings they display.

I can't breathe,my brother's won't help in a time of need.

I can't breathe,brothers won't transition to a king.

I can't breathe, fear looking upon our face.

I can't breathe,blood spills on the four corners.

I can't breathe,mothers left with  detrimental lost.

I can't breathe,our children murderd in the streets.

I can't breathe,Tired of the screaming.

I can't breathe,mama make Them stop.

I can't breathe,poisonouson vibes killing us softly,on the top was pressure,being drilled by my culture.

I can’t breathe
A Single shot from the nine ripping,through my flesh,ripping,tearing my heart.

I can’t breathe
catching snippits,of flash backs of life
Sad to say,i will never see my best:
O'Daughter Babylon,can you please cease the triggers from the nines,Mental Sadness,confusion delusion.

(i can't breathe),this life I leave,
I can’t breathe,for some of us this is reality we see,while others trapped in the cycles of Brutality.

© Mykel