For many, reading a book
Helps to cope up with life,
But for me , a book drives
Me away like a kite
To a new world and submerge me in
Just like a submarine in the sea , Like a bird when it flees,
Like a train in it's motion
And like a devotee in devotion.

Books are an escape ,
From this 'real' world
Which enrich us with experiences
Even of happenings that never really happened.

Books are like witch craft ,
Which once read,
cast a spell, impossible to be freed
But still, books never mislead.

While reading,
I glide and drift among the words,
Climb over the pages
And sing along the verse.
I cry in distraut
But still read it,
Then laugh with instinct
And admire it.

Reading a book is an experience,
The best among the others ,
Cause' reading creates a bridge connecting
Real and the imaginary world.

When you're sad and need an escape,
You're feeling down but no one's there for your sake,
When you need someone to share your joy, grief and pleasure,
Then the best thing is the knowledge's treasure.

As you read the words,
You'll live them,
Feeling the joy, hurt and the pain.
They'll take you to the woods deep,
The sky pink at the highest peak,
The demon's hell
Or where the fairies meet.
The place is unknown , but still soothy,
Is it a dream or a scene from a movie ?
No , it's none of them ,
But a helping hand ,
An authentic friend ,
A treasure of knowledge
An entertaining package .

Books and music , no doubt ,
Are human's best creations ,
Created to relieve their own frustration.
They're our medicine and saviour,
Heel the wounds left severe .

~Books are the proof that humans can do magic.
#Silent_wolf👨🏻‍🎓© #Silent_wolf