To light a flame
To light a flame

Destruction is always on my mind
I'll kill you if your not my kind
I'll take cuz I deserve what's mine
This war began when it bleeds the blood of your crimes
Through the breath in me they're honor will shine
I'll give them my last breath until I die
Cuz all I've got is time
But I live on a dime
Live for the rhythms
Screaming the anthem of their broken soul hymns
I walk in shadows
You stay in lines
I'll say it to your face
They'll fucking cry
Don't you get it by now? Everybody wants to die
So breath in the ashes
Be reborn again
I don't give a fuck about your fucking sins
Under the dark moon the sun will rise
Every new life
You don't wanna be a nothing so you better own this life

Among the night
When demons are on the pariah of prey
Pull the trigger bitch, you got nothing left to say
I will pour champagne on your grave with a smile on my face
I'm the hunter in the songs you sing
I wrote them with a scar sown into my broken wings
A voice for all ghost trying to find their way back home
But I'm the one that's always alone

So give me your hate
I'll own your shame
The one who breathes the ashes is the one to light a flame
Cradle before the fall
Death makes angels of us all
Is it true that we'll one day earn our wings?
I want us to live like your the queen and I'm the king
A free world where we can run and scream
Somewhere we could just be
What a dream
Escape reality
A free world for soul beings like you and me
I'll cast away into nothingness of the cost of my being to seize
For what's right cuz I know what's it's like to truly be free
I'm afraid nobody can stop me