My Mother: My Best Teacher
On this special Teacher's Day, let me proclaim,
That my mother, indeed, holds the highest acclaim.
Though not in a classroom, she taught me with care,
She's my best teacher, with love beyond compare.

From the moment I opened my curious eyes,
She nurtured my mind with knowledge, so wise.
Illiterate was she, yet words did she teach me.
Books gifted freely, a world I'd soon see and expanding my horizons, exploring with glee.

Through her gentle guidance and patient embrace,
She taught me the value of kindness and grace.
With her comforting words and tender touch,
She taught me resilience, that I mattered so much.

In the school of life, she was my guiding light,
Teaching me lessons both day and night.
She taught me integrity, to do what is right,
To stand for my beliefs, and to shine oh so bright.

She taught me empathy, to feel others' pain,
To contribute to the world, despite any gain.
She taught me compassion, to lend a helping hand,
To spread love and understanding throughout the land.

With her words of wisdom, she molded my heart,
Instilling values that would never depart.
Her unconditional love encompasses it all,
In her teachings, I would forever stand tall.

So, on this Teacher's Day, I celebrate thee,
My mother, my best teacher, eternally.
For you shaped my being, with love so pure,
Thank you, dear mother, for all that you endure.