Echoes of departure (From HIS POV)
In the gaze of her eyes, once a captivating spell,
A beauty that made my heart deeply swell.
Yet time unfurled a tale of change,
A distance, emotions lost in exchange.

Eyes, once soft at the sight of me,
Now void of feelings, a silent decree.
Tears linger, unspoken pain she bears,
As she distances herself, my heart despairs.

I long to hold her, in my arms so tight,
To chase away the shadows, bring back the light.
Her love, a flame that still flickers true,
Yet something within has bid her adieu.

On bended knees, I watch her depart,
Breaking hearts, tearing us apart.
Her eyes, once alive, now a vacant sea,
In their depths, the echoes of a silent plea.

She runs, leaving echoes of our shattered song,
As I ponder where our love went wrong.
In the ache of my heart, a poignant art,
Witnessing her pain, a world torn apart.
© _gottaloveruhii